What is going on with Minecraft and Log4J


What is going on with Minecraft and Log4J

Microsoft has asked Minecraft Java owners to upgrade their game immediately to avoid a serious security flaw.

This issue allows remote code execution on Minecraft servers through the use of chat boxes. It was reported online by tech security experts last Friday. Microsoft was contacted by Eurogamer at that time.

Microsoft posted a blog on Sunday about Minecraft and advised Java users to immediately update their games.

Most people will only need to restart their games to receive the update. However, those with modified launchers or clients may need to do more. More information is available on the Minecraft blog.

Microsoft tweeted that player safety was a top priority, via the official Minecraft account. “Unfortunately, we discovered a security flaw in Minecraft: Java Edition earlier today.

“The issue has been fixed, but please continue these steps to protect your game client or server. To amplify, please RT.

The Bedrock Minecraft version is available for Windows 10/11 and consoles. There are no known issues.