Stoneshard (game)


Stoneshard (game)

Stoneshard is an indie game that takes place in a fantasy world that's actually quite similar to how our world would behave if there were monsters and vampires about. It's gritty and brutal and after a brief tutorial you're thrown into a world in which you're just as likely to die as be a successful adventurer.


You start the game in jail but as a seasoned adventurer, that isn't phased by his undead jailor or the fact that his leg is bleeding, you quickly make a lock pick from a bone and after short work of the jailor, then you make your way to the top of the abbey learning of various skills magical and mundane along the way. What really got me excited about this game is that it doesnt really hold your hand even in tutorial. If you make a few stupid moves you will die, even as a veteran adventurer. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone plays through the tutorial as it actually teaches you a lot about the game's mechanics.

The actual game

After you complete the tutorial you learn what actually are the stoneshards and why your character thinks they're significant, then you're abandoned by the party you just saved and start hobling along to the near village. There you find an adventurer in your debt from long ago(Your character) and the actual game begins. At the begging id advise you to look over the starting feats of your character and to pick a character with a ranged attack, since you're quite vulnerable at the start even as a knight. Then i'd advise you to hunt a few deer and make yourself a decent amount of money, before venturing into deeper forest or even dungeons. Also remember to save by sleeping as there is no other save mechanic in this game. You can sleep at the tavern or in the wilderness camps that you've cleared of potential bandits. Also remember to keep a few pieces of food with you and your waterskin topped off since hunger and thirst are your biggest enemies at start.

All in all I'm enjoying stoneshard and excited for the next update that's supposed to bring the first major city into the game with the option to actually travel the map. I hope I've inspired you to try it too.