My experience with DO is very bad.


My experience with DO is very bad.

Administrator can ban you from chat or user forum for more days without any warning or noticing just because of two letters in name e.g. (in my case BA= Bratislava) or for copying one Wikipedia page at user forum (30day ban) when arguing about that “BIG” should be added to The Rules, so users can recognize, it's a “crucial personal information”, they cannot mention in chat (or 7days ban).

Administrators (CZ/SK) use sweard words in replies to users i.e. “an*l alpinism” or “as*-crawler”, etc. If user asks to get any explanation of The Rules admins often ignore him or block him on user's forum.

In chat (even in “prime-time” 8:00-11:00PM) is often a rude language, abuse and insulting seen. Children can join this “trash talk” without any problems.

Ambiguous or faulty rules are hard to find from the main screen (but you'll find game features easily). There's no list of penalties mentioned in The Rules, so it's a pure administrator's “free-style”.

So if you're calm, asking for nothing just paying for Uridium, everything is fine. But if you are at the top with ship equipment (no much further fees expected?) or mention any technical problems with your ship in chat, troubles begin (jeer, ban, blocking, ignoring…). My advice is, be very carefull, if your consider to start with Dark Orbit!!!