Minecraft players, here’s a few reasons to make your beds


Minecraft players, here’s a few reasons to make your beds

The bed is one of the most important items in Minecraft. The bed is a simple item that can be used by everyone, new or old, but it also has many other uses.

If players want to survive, they will require a bed from the beginning of a new world. You can make beds with wool or wooden planks. You can get wool from sheep and wood from trees. The bed can be used for basic purposes initially, but players can also use it for special purposes.

There are many basic uses for a bed. We will also look at some more unusual uses in this article.

Stopping hostile mobs spawning by sleeping

Nighttime can be dangerous because of the possibility that hostile mobs will spawn in the dark. Even though these mobs can be easy to kill, it is possible for things to get complicated and players could even die.

To avoid hostile mobs spawning, they should always sleep on their beds. Caves can still be home to hostile mobs. Players who don't sleep for several days will be attacked by phantom mobs.

Respawn anchors are beds made from bedrock

Beds can be used to spawn and also as sleeping places. This feature allows players to place their respawn locations near their beds. Players who die will respawn close to their beds, instead of their original spawn points.

Right click on the bed to set the respawn points. This is useful for players who are exploring the world and want to find a nearby respawn spot.

Bed explosion techniques

Beds can also be used to explode other than their normal use. Beds explode in the End or Nether realms, even though it may sound strange. These realms prohibit players from sleeping, so any bed that is used will explode.

This phenomenon has been used in many ways over the years. To blast through the Nether, players have used a bed explosion technique to find rare Ancient Debris blocks hidden in the Nether. This trick has also been used to defeat the Ender Dragon in End realm.