Hypixel? Baker?


Hypixel? Baker?

If you're looking for a sweet treat for Minecraft players on Hypixel's Skyblock server, the Baker can be found in Hub Island's main village.

The Baker is usually found at coordinates -7.70. -48. During a Skyblock year, New Year celebrations, the Baker can also found at Event Stand, just behind the island portal.

Although he doesn't sell much, the Baker is able to provide players with a New Year cake and a handy bag. A Baking Specialist is also available during certain times at -12, 70 and -44 to give out New Year cakes. Sometimes, the two can be combined.

Minecraft: What is Hypixel's New Year Cake & Cake Bag?

Minecraft players can get New Year Cakes and Cake Bags at the end of the Late Winter (days 29-31) in a given Skyblock Year. These can be purchased from other players, or by visiting the in-game Auction House.

The Baker will provide the cake, but players will need to pay approximately 250,000 coins for the New Year Cake Bag.

Each New Year Cake is unique to its year of sale. Every New Year Cake bag will give players one additional health. The maximum capacity of the cake bag is 54. This provides a health boost to players who require it. However, there are better accessories that provide health and defense boosters.

Hypixel completionists in Minecraft might still choose to fill their bags with cakes, especially from rare moments in Hypixel's history.

Some New Year Cakes are significantly more valuable than those made in standard years. It is worth noting the Year 71 0th New Year Cake.

Cakes from the early years of Hypixel's Skyblock also sold for a higher price at the Auction House. The same is true of the New Year Cakes of the years 69 (aka the Century Cake).

No matter what Minecraft players do with their New Year Cakes and New Year Cake Bags they are good items to have in your collection. Even if the items aren't used often, being part of Hypixel festivities and collecting them can give players a sense belonging to the wider Hypixel community.