Halloween Thrills in Priston Tale


Halloween Thrills in Priston Tale

Priston Tale, the classic free-to-play MMORPG, is going stronger than ever with a Halloween special. For the month of October, to celebrate everyone's favorite holiday, Pumpkin-Headed Monsters have been unleashed in the game with the strict orders to pwn you early and often.

Of course, Priston Tale would never steer you wrong. They would never give you any ol' Pumpkin Monster. These are special ones, with big evil brains inside their oversized Pumpkin Heads that make them the trickiest and most diabolical of foes.

Rather than a frontal assault, these Pumpkin-Headed Monsters do what Pumpkin-Headed Monsters are supposed to do: They lurk in the shadows and dark corners to jump out when you least expect them.

The good news is that your battles with these baddies won't be for naught. Wicked Interactive, the exclusive North American publisher of Priston Tale, has cooked up some great in-game items to reward your efforts, including a special pumpkin that will supercharge a player's health, manna and stamina, all in one go!

Also, to make sure the action never stops, all of the game's regular monsters have been given a GiftBox. If you manage to get it from them, it gives you special items and power-ups.

Priston Tale is a free to play MMORPG that centers on a real-time battle system. The game Tale  is perhaps one of the oldest free MMORPGs out there. The game was released in South Korea in 2001 and has since won countless awards. The game has 8 playable classes; four of them are on the Tempskron faction and the other four are on the Morion faction. The game's classes are:

Tempskron Classes

Mechanician [Male]-Mechanicians are physically weak, but have a large amount of hit points. They are capable of using claw weapons and shields.

Fighter [Male]- Fighters are the primary tanking class in Priston Tale. They are capable of absorbing the most damage and are very capable of dealing damage in melee range.

Pikeman [Male]- Pikeman are similar to fighters, in that they are melee offensive characters. Their primary weapon of choice, as the name implies, is the pole-arm.

Archer [Female]- Archers are capable of dealing a fair amount of damage from a distance using their bow, but are vulnerable to melee attacks. They work best in groups with a tanking class.

Morion Classes

Knight [Male]- Knights are the “Paladin” class in Priston Tale. They specialize in holy attacks and have stromg melee capabilities.

Atalanta [Female]- Atalanta's are capable of both ranged and melee attacks. They use javalins and spears in combat.

Priestess [Female]- Priests are the only healing class in Priston Tale. They have an incredibly low amount of hit points are a primarily support class.