Colin McRae: Dirt 2 Review


Colin McRae: Dirt 2 Review

The Colin McRae series of video games has enjoyed tremendous popularity while it was active, releasing multiple games that have all been huge hits with racing fans. After the tragic death of Colin McRae himself though, the series was halted for a while and there were no new games on the market with his name. Colin McRae: Dirt 2 is the first to be released since then, and many fans were wondering what to expect after the pause, and whether the series has managed to retain its integrity.


The new Colin McRae puts an equal focus on multiplayer as well as singleplayer, and you can play all of the available game modes against computer-controlled opponents, or real live humans online. The feeling of the driving, and the overall level of immersion in the game, have been tremendously improved – the game's powered by an all-new engine that can handle physics very realistically, so expect to be able to perform various real-life stunts that were previously not very easy to do due to limitations of the game's technology.

Some of you will surely involve one of the new racing modes, Raid, which puts players behind the wheels of some very impressive-looking and quite largely sized machines, on medium-long races that will test your skills in some more unforgiving environments. There are also several extra game modes, and the overall replay value is very high and the game has a lot of potential for entertaining you.

Graphics and System Requirements

The new engine does its job perfectly when it comes to pleasing your eyes – you'll see lots of effects, realistic collisions between the vehicles, and impressive representation of weather effects. The engine is especially capable when it comes to drawing detail over distance, as you'll be able to see some very finely detailed elements of your surroundings even at longer ranges.

As you're probably guessing though, this does come with its price – you won't get to enjoy the new Colin McRae if you're running on an old machine. Even the minimum requirements will leave some disappointed, so those of you who're planning on playing it on the PC should prepare themselves with at least a Radeon HD 5750, or Nvidia's equivalent which would be anything above their GeForce 400 series.


The mobile versions of the game are somewhat stripped down as you might expect, but they still replicate the actual game quite closely. We were very impressed by the graphics the PSP version offers, as it managed to bring some very good-looking eye candy on the screen without compromising framerates in any way (though the loading times were somewhat longer than usual)


Rally fans have been waiting for this for quite a while – and if you're one of them, then you should already be on your way to getting your hands on the new Colin McRae: Dirt 2 – it's definitely worth every penny.