Brutal Legend Review


Brutal Legend Review

Action-adventure games are a popular genre today, but those designed like Brutal Legend are surely not something you get every day. The game is designed by heavy metal fans, aimed at other lovers of the musical genre, and if that sounds strange to you, you're right to some extent – there is no other game quite like Brutal Legend on the market right now, and we doubt there will be any time soon.


You play the role of Eddie, a heavy metal fan who's been designed after actor Jack Black, who also provides his voice for the character. After a series of events, Eddie finds himself in a fantasy world that he has to make his way out of, saving the world while he's at it. The environment Eddie finds himself in has been designed after various heavy metal album covers, and mimics the grim and moody style in general – while also putting an artistic twist to it.

Eddie can use his powers to save the humans from a certain doom, using a giant battle axe or an electric guitar that can provide him with magical powers. The world you can explore is huge, and spans over a large playable area that you're free to explore and discover some hidden goodies that can make your life easier. While most of the game is played like a third-person action-adventure game, there are some times where you'll be switched to a strategy-like perspective, and you'll have to solve your quests using a bit more logical thinking and less brute force than usual.

Graphics and System Requirements

Like we mentioned earlier, the graphics of the game have been inspired by popular heavy metal album covers, and the game's overall style resembles such drawings as well – you can find elements of hell and demons all around, and despite that it still feels light-hearted and fun, and not depressing and serious like you would expect from a game based on such settings.

You'll get to enjoy some very convincingly-designed characters, based on various real-life artists and bands, some of whom have also provided their voices for the game, much like Jack Black himself. The overall atmosphere this all creates is a complete blast, and the game just grabs you and sucks you into its environment, refusing to let go until you've finished it.


One major aspect of this game is its soundtrack – you'd expect them to have something unique in that department, but what you'll get will likely completely blow you away – over a hundred heavy metal tracks, coming from all sorts of well-known and less popular artists, all finely picked to match the action at all times. You should never get bored of listening to the background music as you're “axing” your way through another horde of enemies, and this adds that little extra touch of greatness to the game.


Forget about those generic shooters and adventures that give you yet another rifle to shoot your enemies with – immerse yourself in a world so unique and lovely, you'll be coming back for more and more.