My experience with DO is very bad.

Administrator can ban you from chat or user forum for more days without any warning or noticing just because of two letters in name e.g. (in my case BA= Bratislava) or for copying one Wikipedia page at user forum (30day ban) when arguing about that “BIG” should be added to The Rules, so users can recognize, it’s a “crucial personal information”, they cannot mention in chat (or 7days ban).

Administrators (CZ/SK) use sweard words in replies to users i.e. “an*l alpinism” or “as*-crawler”, etc. If user asks to get any explanation of The Rules admins often ignore him or block him on user’s forum.

In chat (even in “prime-time” 8:00-11:00PM) is often a rude language, abuse and insulting seen. Children can join this “trash talk” without any problems.

Ambiguous or faulty rules are hard to find from the main screen (but you’ll find game features easily). There’s no list of penalties mentioned in The Rules, so it’s a pure administrator’s “free-style”.

So if you’re calm, asking for nothing just paying for Uridium, everything is fine. But if you are at the top with ship equipment (no much further fees expected?) or mention any technical problems with your ship in chat, troubles begin (jeer, ban, blocking, ignoring…). My advice is, be very carefull, if your consider to start with Dark Orbit!!!

Ikariam review

Ikariam is a very cool MMO browser strategy game with beautifull graphics. The game is set in a world trying to resemble classical Greece, with players starting as leaders of a small town which they must lead and expand. The game is developed and run by Gameforge AG, and it uses the same business model as most browser based strategy games. In Ikariam you can buy extra features for the game using something called ambrosia which you have to again buy for real money.

What I really enjoy with Ikariam, apart from the beautifull graphics, is the way the world is set up with lots of islands. Most browser strategy games only uses ground units, but in Ikariam you have a whole set of naval units in addition to the standard combat units. I also enjoy the way battle in Ikariam goes over several rounds instead of just being finished in an instant showing the result in a battle report. Big battles can go over several overs, with lots of players bringing in reinforcements on each side.

Another good thing for casual players in Ikariam is that farming isn’t as heavy as in most games of this type. You can attack other players, but the number of ships that you have severly limits how many resources you can steal. There is also something called the bashing rule stating how many times you can attack a neighbour within a given time frame. Overall Ikariam is one of the best massive multiplayer online browser games in my opinion, and you should definitly check it out.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life!

Yesterday an awesome real-life parkour video was uploaded on YouTube having as protagonists the four playable assassin masters from the upcoming game Assassin’s Creed Unity.The video was sponsored by Ubisoft,and stars Ronnie Shalvis and the French FreeRun family.It’s a must-see  forthe Assassin’s Creed fans out there.

The Video:

Behind The Scenes:

Halloween Thrills in Priston Tale

Priston Tale, the classic free-to-play MMORPG, is going stronger than ever with a Halloween special. For the month of October, to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday, Pumpkin-Headed Monsters have been unleashed in the game with the strict orders to pwn you early and often.

Of course, Priston Tale would never steer you wrong. They would never give you any ol’ Pumpkin Monster. These are special ones, with big evil brains inside their oversized Pumpkin Heads that make them the trickiest and most diabolical of foes.

Rather than a frontal assault, these Pumpkin-Headed Monsters do what Pumpkin-Headed Monsters are supposed to do: They lurk in the shadows and dark corners to jump out when you least expect them.

The good news is that your battles with these baddies won’t be for naught. Wicked Interactive, the exclusive North American publisher of Priston Tale, has cooked up some great in-game items to reward your efforts, including a special pumpkin that will supercharge a player’s health, manna and stamina, all in one go!

Also, to make sure the action never stops, all of the game’s regular monsters have been given a GiftBox. If you manage to get it from them, it gives you special items and power-ups.

Priston Tale is a free to play MMORPG that centers on a real-time battle system. The game Tale  is perhaps one of the oldest free MMORPGs out there. The game was released in South Korea in 2001 and has since won countless awards. The game has 8 playable classes; four of them are on the Tempskron faction and the other four are on the Morion faction. The game’s classes are:

Tempskron Classes

Mechanician [Male]-Mechanicians are physically weak, but have a large amount of hit points. They are capable of using claw weapons and shields.

Fighter [Male]- Fighters are the primary tanking class in Priston Tale. They are capable of absorbing the most damage and are very capable of dealing damage in melee range.

Pikeman [Male]- Pikeman are similar to fighters, in that they are melee offensive characters. Their primary weapon of choice, as the name implies, is the pole-arm.

Archer [Female]- Archers are capable of dealing a fair amount of damage from a distance using their bow, but are vulnerable to melee attacks. They work best in groups with a tanking class.

Morion Classes

Knight [Male]- Knights are the “Paladin” class in Priston Tale. They specialize in holy attacks and have stromg melee capabilities.

Atalanta [Female]- Atalanta’s are capable of both ranged and melee attacks. They use javalins and spears in combat.

Priestess [Female]- Priests are the only healing class in Priston Tale. They have an incredibly low amount of hit points are a primarily support class.

Flyff V18: Renaissance Launching on November 21st

For countless hours hundreds of players have been engaged in the Open Beta of Flyff V18: Renaissance. Soon their shared experiences will pay off as Flyff prepares for the expansion?s official release on November 21st! New mid-level dungeons, weapons, and a completely overhauled drop system await those ready to take flight once again!

The community?s response to the open beta has been tremendous. New players and long-time veterans have scoured the game, experiencing more than 100 new quests and dozens of new items. Players from around the world helped iron out bugs and test the myriad of possibilities in Flyff?s new and improved features. The resulting developments have helped Flyff usher in an early release of the expansion.

With the beta players also got their chance at previewing the long anticipated mid-level content of Flyff?s new dungeons. The three new dungeons, including the Royal Freighters, have been carefully designed to provide content for mid-level Flyffers yearning for more action. Epic battles for control of gilded ships against the vicious Silverwing Duchess is available to all mid-level adventurers, as are the quests that will help recapture the vessels and valuable weaponry from her perilous minions.

The rewards in these dungeons will also be suitably adapted for mid-level fighters as well, thanks to the newly overhauled Drop System. Monsters everywhere will drop items scaled according to their difficulty, helping everyone achieve the armor and weaponry they have been longing for. Flyffers tired of receiving paltry items after having toiled for hours on a dungeon run can now obtain the magnificent rewards they deserve.

The Mummy Online Closed Beta: Gaming Fans can Sign-Up Now to Gain Exclusive Access before Worldwide Launch

The Mummy Online has begun accepting registrations for its closed beta period. Developed in collaboration with Universal Partnerships & Licensing,The Mummy Online is a breakthrough action-adventure RPG that delivers high-end gameplay through an engaging story inspired by the massively successful film franchise.

“We’re excited to get The Mummy Online into the hands of the fans,” said Arash Amini, Producer, Bigpoint. “As is the case with our entire portfolio of games, which can be improved and optimized on the fly, community feedback will be critical to this project’s success.”

Battle across Cinematic Environments

Based on the existing terrain of Egypt, players can explore the map of Amarna with several PvE regions that include the Dunes, River, Maze, and Rocky Fields. Here, players will confront a range of monsters, including several types of scarabs, scorpions, pygmies, Anubis warriors, and mummies. Within the PvP areas of the Tomb, Oasis, and Ruins, players can battle against players of opposing allegiances and capture ancient obelisks to dominate the playing field.

With the closed beta expected to last several weeks, Bigpoint will unlock player accounts in waves to ensure game stability and performance. At the conclusion of the closed beta period, Bigpoint will review all feedback, optimize virtually every aspect of the game, and ready The Mummy Online for the official open beta launch.

Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta

Hi-Rez Studios has confirmed that the Closed Beta for Tribes: Ascend will begin on Friday, November 4, 2011.

Studio representatives also announced that no character wipes are planned during Beta. Player advancement in terms of rank, class unlocks, and skill progression will carry forward beyond Closed Beta, into Open Beta and into Release.

Previous Tribes titles have been played by well over 1 million gamers and feature fast-paced, jetpack-enabled multiplayer combat. Tribes: Ascend continues this tradition, delivering speed, verticality, vehicles and stunning graphics within an entirely new, free-to-play game for the PC.

The Closed Beta build of Tribes: Ascend includes two initial class options – the Soldier and the Ranger, 10 additional classes available to be permanently unlocked, 3 drivable vehicles, 2 game-modes, and servers located across North America, Europe and Australia. Prior to release Hi-Rez will also support Ranked Servers and Private Servers.

“Compared to Alpha, Tribes: Ascend enters Beta with even more unlockable classes, a skill & perk system, and additional projectile-based weapons said Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios Chief Operating Officer. And we plan to deliver new playable maps and classes after Beta and even after Release. Our dev team is excited to reintroduce such a fast-paced, team-based shooter and we are looking forward to playing alongside the Beta community.

Those wishing to guarantee a Closed Beta spot may purchase the Tribes: Ascend VIP Starter Bundle at the games official website. The bundle includes automatic admission into Beta, permanent VIP status in the game, a 30-day Booster and 3000 Tribes Gold. The VIP Starter Bundle is priced at a 33% discount to list price, as a reward to the games early testers.

Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic: Chapter IV – Lands of Despair has been released!

The fourth chapter of the successful online role playing game, Runes of Magic, is now online. Among other things, “Lands of Despair” introduces four fantastic new regions featuring never-before-seen opponents and dungeons to challenge the more than 5 million players. Runes of Magic, with the updated client, is available for free download on the official website.

The trailer released to announce “Chapter IV – Lands of Despair” reveals the impending doom threatening Taborea. A sinister cloud hangs over the Land of Malevolence and the Redhill Mountains. Sismond, a new creature from the darkness, has plunged the villages of Taborea into chaos and enslaved the people through manipulation and dark magic. The trailer can be seen here.

Frogster has put together a very special in-game item package for all those who purchase the box. So along with the current client and a poster of the new villain, Sismond, players will also receive bonus items valued at well over 10 euros. Box owners will further profit from additional in-game items, for example the exclusive ‘Loyal Tropical Toucan’ pet, which is permanent if redeemed within the month, a Luxurious Two-Story Wooden House with Basement, and an Advanced Moon Jewel – Revelation.

What’s New in Chapter IV:

Free choice of third class
4 expansive new regions
Level cap raised to 67
Over 300 challenging new quests
Additional storage capacity for mounts and pets
2 demanding new instances
Server-wide battlefields
New Runes
New Public Encounter

War Inc. Battlezone Now in Open Beta

Independent game developer Online Warmongers Group Inc. today announced that its free-to-play online game “War Inc. Battlezone” has entered open beta testing.  The game is now available via leading digital distribution platforms Steam and Xfire. 

PC gamers worldwide now have the chance to play one of the most realistic, visually stunning free shooting games on the market.  “War Inc. Battlezone” is among the first free-to-play (F2P) games available through Steam, the world’s largest online game platform with an active user base of over 30 million.  Steam added the F2P category to its service last month with a select list of titles.

“We have spent three months in closed beta polishing what we took years to painstakingly develop, a tactical clan-based shooter visually rooted in realism and focused on competition and community driven game play,” said Sergey Titov, CEO of Online Warmongers.  “As we move into open beta, we want to get the word out to multiplayer shooter fans everywhere that the time has come to change their game.”

During the course of pre-beta and closed beta testing, Online Warmongers saw more than 100,000 players from 23 countries join the “War Inc. Battlezone” community.  The participation of core and casual shooter fans alongside competitive players helped developers iterate on countless improvements to features, mechanics and balancing.  It also helped them establish a skill-based game play environment that isn’t prone to cheating or falling prey to the pay-to-win mentality that weighs down other F2P games.  Online Warmongers will continue the effort through even more community empowerment during open beta, addressing issues raised by players and actively engaging them in driving content updates and policing the game for fair play.

Online Warmongers is partnered with US-based [a]list games in launching a major marketing campaign for “War Inc. Battlezone” in North America, Europe and Australia.  The transition to open beta is being supported by the rollout of limited edition starter packages full of heavily discounted in-game items along with the first of many exciting content updates, the addition of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to players’ arsenals.  The UAV update comes on the heels of other major additions to the game’s feature set in the final stages of closed beta.  These include night missions with destructible light sources and night vision gear, the addition of a ‘bomb run’ game mode called Sabotage, and abilities such as command user interface and spawn point control aimed at the competitive gaming community.  Players can expect more major updates in the coming weeks designed to turn “War Inc. Battlezone” into an ultra-realistic recreation of armed-to-the-teeth modern warfare.

“The experience Online Warmongers is offering can raise expectations and broaden interest in free-to-play games,” said Steve Fowler, GM of [a]list games.  “They exemplify what’s going on in digital games, where the market is now seeing exceptional products that deserve ever bigger audiences, and upstart indie developers who need to have their voices heard in the gaming community.”

“War Inc. Battlezone” delivers a premium online game experience in a F2P package, as an addictive 3 rd-person shooter punctuated by high production value and a rich, frequently updated set of game features.  In the game, players join the ranks of battle-hardened mercenaries, entering a war theatre where up to 64 players can engage in relentless action and intense competition in diverse maps and multiplayer game modes.  “War Inc. Battlezone” also features one of the deepest customization systems ever designed for an online shooter, where players get free and immediate access to create persistent characters with a variety of traits then load them out with a wide arsenal of gear and weaponry.  Online Warmongers developed the game using the Eclipse Game Engine, a proprietary engine created by its affiliate Arktos Entertainment Group to deliver F2P games that rival the experience players get on HD consoles.

War of the Immortals Action-MMO?

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. today announced its latest MMORPG, War of the Immortals, a new addition to its lineup of popular MMO games. War of the Immortals features destructible environments, beautifully vivid landscapes and awe-inspiringly, epic monsters.

“With the announcement of War of the Immortals, fans of role-playing games can rejoice as we bring the MMORPG genre to a whole new level with fast-paced action, more content and bigger PvP elements,” said Thang Phan, Product Manager for War of the Immortals. “War of the Immortals brings the most requested features from players together in a compelling new game.”

In War of the Immortals, the evil legions of Ragnarok have returned to Atlantis and players will find themselves in the aftermath of a great battle. With impending doom still at Atlantis’ doorstep, players must heed the call to action and take up arms. Only then will good have a chance to prevail over evil. As War of the Immortals implies, players should expect that the conflict has been escalated with more challenging content, larger scale battles and engrossing PvP.

War of the Immortals will include the following features:

  • 8 HEROES TO CHOOSE FROM – Choose from eight classes including Berzerker, Champion, Heretic, Magus, Slayer, Duelist, Ranger and Enchantress.
  • UNIQUE SOUL GEAR EQUIPMENT – Specifically tailored to each class, these powerful sets of animated gear will grow and change in appearance as players progress through the game.
  • GUILD HOUSING – Set up housing for members, plan upcoming raids, trade crafting materials and pick up new recruits to expand your guild.
  • TERRITORY WARS – Fight against others for territories and resources as you take your guild to new heights and notoriety.
  • PET SOUL SYSTEM – Further customize your pets through the new Pet Soul system, as well as capture virtually any monster in the game.
  • INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENTS – Powered by Perfect World’s proprietary Cube graphics engine, dungeons come alive with destructible environments.