Ikariam review

Ikariam is a very cool MMO browser strategy game with beautifull graphics. The game is set in a world trying to resemble classical Greece, with players starting as leaders of a small town which they must lead and expand. The game is developed and run by Gameforge AG, and it uses the same business model as most browser based strategy games. In Ikariam you can buy extra features for the game using something called ambrosia which you have to again buy for real money.

What I really enjoy with Ikariam, apart from the beautifull graphics, is the way the world is set up with lots of islands. Most browser strategy games only uses ground units, but in Ikariam you have a whole set of naval units in addition to the standard combat units. I also enjoy the way battle in Ikariam goes over several rounds instead of just being finished in an instant showing the result in a battle report. Big battles can go over several overs, with lots of players bringing in reinforcements on each side.

Another good thing for casual players in Ikariam is that farming isn’t as heavy as in most games of this type. You can attack other players, but the number of ships that you have severly limits how many resources you can steal. There is also something called the bashing rule stating how many times you can attack a neighbour within a given time frame. Overall Ikariam is one of the best massive multiplayer online browser games in my opinion, and you should definitly check it out.