Minecraft GameModes

What makes games so playable? And, importantly, re-playable?

There are many factors that make video games enjoyable, and Minecraft is no exception. We could go on for hours explaining each of these, so we’re only going to focus on one aspect of Minecraft. You can also explore other aspects like Minecraft mods, how you can play Minecraft with your friends, and these incredible Minecraft stats.

Let’s now talk about the various Minecraft game modes.

What exactly is a game mode? It is the ability to repackage the rules, goals, and configuration of a game to give players a completely new experience. It is literally a game-changer.

What are the game modes in Minecraft?

There are four game modes that you can play in Minecraft: Survival, Creative, Hardcore, Adventure, and Hardcore. Each mode has its own gameplay mechanics and features, which is why it is so popular.

(And just to be sure, there is a fifth Minecraft mode, Spectator Mode. However, as you can probably guess, it allows players to view worlds and interact with them. We at iD Tech are not ones to sit still, so we won’t delve into it.

Creative Mode

Take a look back at the first time you heard about Minecraft and the way it was described. It sounds something like this: “It is an open-world sandbox where you can create without limitation!” Unlimited resources and the ability build and build and increase your building skills!

Right? That’s Creative mode, right?

This mode is for kids who want to jump right in and start mining to their hearts’ content. Creative Mode doesn’t require players to worry about their health, satisfying hunger, or dealing with limited resources. It’s a great starting point.

Young creators have everything needed to build. There is no need to mine or spend time gathering resources. You can even fly! What’s not love about that? (Here are the Minecraft flying commands that make it possible.

Survival Mode

While Creative mode is great for getting the creative juices flowing, there’s another option. This is a true gaming experience with restrictions, enemies and challenges.

This is Survival mode. Children will need to gather resources, create items, and fight evil guys. It’s basically a gamers paradise.

Here’s a tip to help you survive in survival mode: Wood is the easiest resource to find early in the game. Kids can find it by cutting down trees!

Kids can walk up to a tree, punch it repeatedly, and hold down the left mouse button. After a few hits, Minecraft will give you a wood block. This is one of the most simple survival strategies.

We couldn’t resist sharing a trick for Minecraft survival mode: dirt can be obtained and used in a similar way to wood. Although dirt doesn’t have the same uses as wood, you can still use it to build a house. To gather dirt, players must face the ground and hit the ground. The earth will crack.

A home, which is another word for houses, is a place where kids can keep their Minecraft items safe from the elements, create landmarks, and stay safe. This is crucial for survival mode. Children will need a place to call home, especially at night, in order to avoid being attacked by zombies, spiders, and skeletons.

This is important because Minecraft can be a game of exploration. However, players can also perish!

There are dangers such as lava, drowning and exploding mobs. Players who lose their life will also lose most of their items and all their experience. They’ll have to start again from their spawn point.

Adventure Mode

Both Survival and Creative mode are considered traditional Minecraft game modes. However, it is not a good idea to stop at “traditional”. Other modes, such as Adventure mode or Hardcore mode, have been added to add excitement.

What’s so special about Adventure mode? Adventure mode is different from regular Minecraft. Instead of a quest, Adventure mode allows kids to create a game that guides them through a story. The open-world “sandbox” becomes an epic adventure.

Adventure mode is great for creating challenges and telling stories because blocks can’t be destroyed to bypass content. They will need the right tool to break most blocks. Some blocks are impossible to break.

Are you looking to unlock the secrets of Adventure mode in Minecraft? Here are some highlights:

– Some objects can be broken with tools – You can fight bad guys
Pickaxes can be used to break iron doors, sandstone and stone.
– Shears can be used to break down all types of wool, leaves, or vines

Hardcore Mode

There is one major difference between these different gameplay options: certain modes are only available for certain formats. Minecraft Java Edition is the only version that has Hardcore mode. Let’s take a closer look, as that’s what we love at iD Tech.

Hardcore mode is a challenging mode that’s easy to master. Having only one life is the most difficult thing about it. It’s the ultimate survival test. Players must be aware of their health, hunger, experience, as well as mobs.

Here’s a list of some things that kids should know:

Health-If characters are hit too often, fall in lava too often, or stay under water for too long, it’s over!

To survive, you must eat food! Characters can’t run fast if their food level is below three. They lose their health if they run out. They can regenerate their health if they eat enough.

Experience-Experience can be gained by defeating bad guys and can be used to enchant equipment.

You can store items-weapons, tools, blocks, and food here.

Command Blocks Game Modes

Now that you have a solid understanding of the various game modes, let us discuss how command blocks work.

It is also important that children understand how to use the different modes and when to switch them. (FYI, after a world has been created, there is no Hardcore mode).

– Survival: /gamemode 0
– Creative: /gamemode 1
– Adventure: /gamemode 2

A command block can be used to change the game mode quickly by putting it in the game mode field.

All things considered, it’s hard to deny the entertainment value of a game like Minecraft…and this can be said for the basic, out-of-the-box version as well!

With a variety of game modes, it’s no surprise that the title is still very popular with the 100+ million players.

Want to learn more? You can find answers to your Minecraft questions on our list. Are you ready for your child to join an online summer program? Take a look at our Minecraft courses and camps.

Stony peak guide

Peak biomes, which are found only at the top of mountains in Minecraft, create a variety of biomes that can be found in both the lower and higher regions of the same natural formations.

There are three types of these new peak biomes in Minecraft: jagged, stoney, or frozen peaks. These peaks look similar at the core but have subtle differences that can easily be identified by players using an eye test.

You should also note that they have different temperatures. This is important in case players are concerned about snow or water covering blocks at a peak biome.

Jagged peaks is a warmer version of peak biome than stony or frozen peaks in Minecraft. Because of their temperature, they are more common in warmer climates like jungles and savannas. Players won’t be able to see snow on mountains with jagged peaks because of this.

Similar to savanna biomes the stony peak biomes’ plant life has a slightly lighter coloration. A significant amount of calcite is also found in stony peak biomes, something that isn’t often seen, besides being one layer of amethyst geodes. They have the same spawn rates for hostile and non-hostile mobs as jagged peak, so players should expect to see more goats on the peaks. These mobs can knock players off the mountain’s face, so they should be cautious.

The stony peaks in Minecraft can be used as pillager outposts. Players should be cautious when exploring the new biome. You can find material blocks in Minecraft: Java Edition. These include stone, rows of calcite and gravel as well as emerald and emerald.

Minecraft 1.18’s new peaks offer plenty of entertainment, and the stony peaks is just the beginning. For more interesting biomes, players might want to explore the jagged or frozen versions after they have been explored. These locations are great for building, and who wouldn’t love a spot on the top of a mountain to call their own?

Tips and tricks for hardcore Minecraft

In Minecraft, the End is a symbol of the end of the game. Although players can still play the game in the same way as before, the End is the end. It is the final part of the game. Credits are awarded for beating it. It’s hard enough to reach it, but it’s much more difficult to defeat it.

There is danger everywhere in the End dimension. The Ender Dragon is one the most difficult mobs in the game. There are Endermen all over the game, and the Void is one of the most dangerous places in the game. These are some tips for beating it in the most recent update.

5) Make lots of random blocks

Navigation in other dimensions is one of the most useful uses for random blocks like dirt and leftover cobblestone. This is especially important when exploring End Cities. It can be hard to know where to go so it is important to place the blocks correctly to create a route for your return. They are also great for breaking and climbing up End Crystals.

4) Potions for slowfalling

These potions are one of the most important in the game. These potions can be used to prevent you from falling into the Void or being knocked off a structure by an Ender Dragon. With the potion activated, players won’t suffer fall damage and can reposition themselves to land on something instead of falling through the Void.

3) Ender pearls

Ender pearls are required by players to obtain the “Eyes of Ender”, which is what is needed to open the End portal. You should have lots of extras. These can be used to get players back on land if they fall with the slow falling potion activated. They can also travel faster and more safely to other landmasses in the End.

2) Use crossbows and bows

The task of killing the dragon with a sword can be difficult and take longer. Bows and crossbows allow you to hit it while it’s still on the map. This can reduce the time it takes to defeat it.

1) Don’t look at the Endermen

It can be dangerous to look at Endermen as it is easy to do. It’s difficult to avoid them, and it can be dangerous to not look at their eyes. However, having Endermen chase players can lead to death. It makes it difficult to do any damage to the dragon.

Minecraft players, here’s a few reasons to make your beds

The bed is one of the most important items in Minecraft. The bed is a simple item that can be used by everyone, new or old, but it also has many other uses.

If players want to survive, they will require a bed from the beginning of a new world. You can make beds with wool or wooden planks. You can get wool from sheep and wood from trees. The bed can be used for basic purposes initially, but players can also use it for special purposes.

There are many basic uses for a bed. We will also look at some more unusual uses in this article.

Stopping hostile mobs spawning by sleeping

Nighttime can be dangerous because of the possibility that hostile mobs will spawn in the dark. Even though these mobs can be easy to kill, it is possible for things to get complicated and players could even die.

To avoid hostile mobs spawning, they should always sleep on their beds. Caves can still be home to hostile mobs. Players who don’t sleep for several days will be attacked by phantom mobs.

Respawn anchors are beds made from bedrock

Beds can be used to spawn and also as sleeping places. This feature allows players to place their respawn locations near their beds. Players who die will respawn close to their beds, instead of their original spawn points.

Right click on the bed to set the respawn points. This is useful for players who are exploring the world and want to find a nearby respawn spot.

Bed explosion techniques

Beds can also be used to explode other than their normal use. Beds explode in the End or Nether realms, even though it may sound strange. These realms prohibit players from sleeping, so any bed that is used will explode.

This phenomenon has been used in many ways over the years. To blast through the Nether, players have used a bed explosion technique to find rare Ancient Debris blocks hidden in the Nether. This trick has also been used to defeat the Ender Dragon in End realm.

Twilight forest mod

The modding element and large modding community is one of the most beloved aspects of Minecraft, which has made it so popular. There are many mods that can be downloaded for free, but some are more popular than others.

Twilight Forest is the most downloaded mod of all. This horror-themed mod was released in 2015 and has been downloaded over 60 million times. Even though the mod is more than seventy years old, there are still many loyal fans. The mod also receives regular updates.

How do I install the Twilight Forest Mod in Minecraft?

Twilight Forest is available in several versions of Minecraft. It is available for Minecraft versions 1.17.1 through 1.6.2. It is important to note that older versions of the game may not have all the most recent mod features.

The installation of the mod is easy and matches the rest of the Forge mods. All players will need to drag and drop the Twilight Forest mod in their “mods” folder. You can find the official Forge link to this mod here.

For those who prefer the Fabric modloader to manage their fabric, there is a new release that can be downloaded here. This release will likely be less stable and well-tested than the original Forge release.

What the mod does

Twilight Forest is a popular Minecraft mod which adds an additional dimension to your Minecraft world. You can also add creatures, items, or structures to the game. If they feel more cautious, players can explore this dimension together on a mod Minecraft server.

Players will need to build a portal from grass, dirt and podzol in order to access the Twilight Forest dimension. You can make the portal in many different sizes and shapes. To activate the portal after building it, players will need a diamond to place inside.

Once the portal is activated, players can jump inside it and begin their journey into The Twilight Forest. This dimension will offer unique loot, boss battles, dungeons and many other challenges.

What is going on with Minecraft and Log4J

Microsoft has asked Minecraft Java owners to upgrade their game immediately to avoid a serious security flaw.

This issue allows remote code execution on Minecraft servers through the use of chat boxes. It was reported online by tech security experts last Friday. Microsoft was contacted by Eurogamer at that time.

Microsoft posted a blog on Sunday about Minecraft and advised Java users to immediately update their games.

Most people will only need to restart their games to receive the update. However, those with modified launchers or clients may need to do more. More information is available on the Minecraft blog.

Microsoft tweeted that player safety was a top priority, via the official Minecraft account. “Unfortunately, we discovered a security flaw in Minecraft: Java Edition earlier today.

“The issue has been fixed, but please continue these steps to protect your game client or server. To amplify, please RT.

The Bedrock Minecraft version is available for Windows 10/11 and consoles. There are no known issues.

Hypixel? Baker?

If you’re looking for a sweet treat for Minecraft players on Hypixel’s Skyblock server, the Baker can be found in Hub Island’s main village.

The Baker is usually found at coordinates -7.70. -48. During a Skyblock year, New Year celebrations, the Baker can also found at Event Stand, just behind the island portal.

Although he doesn’t sell much, the Baker is able to provide players with a New Year cake and a handy bag. A Baking Specialist is also available during certain times at -12, 70 and -44 to give out New Year cakes. Sometimes, the two can be combined.

Minecraft: What is Hypixel’s New Year Cake & Cake Bag?

Minecraft players can get New Year Cakes and Cake Bags at the end of the Late Winter (days 29-31) in a given Skyblock Year. These can be purchased from other players, or by visiting the in-game Auction House.

The Baker will provide the cake, but players will need to pay approximately 250,000 coins for the New Year Cake Bag.

Each New Year Cake is unique to its year of sale. Every New Year Cake bag will give players one additional health. The maximum capacity of the cake bag is 54. This provides a health boost to players who require it. However, there are better accessories that provide health and defense boosters.

Hypixel completionists in Minecraft might still choose to fill their bags with cakes, especially from rare moments in Hypixel’s history.

Some New Year Cakes are significantly more valuable than those made in standard years. It is worth noting the Year 71 0th New Year Cake.

Cakes from the early years of Hypixel’s Skyblock also sold for a higher price at the Auction House. The same is true of the New Year Cakes of the years 69 (aka the Century Cake).

No matter what Minecraft players do with their New Year Cakes and New Year Cake Bags they are good items to have in your collection. Even if the items aren’t used often, being part of Hypixel festivities and collecting them can give players a sense belonging to the wider Hypixel community.


Stoneshard is an indie game that takes place in a fantasy world that’s actually quite similar to how our world would behave if there were monsters and vampires about. It’s gritty and brutal and after a brief tutorial you’re thrown into a world in which you’re just as likely to die as be a successful adventurer.


You start the game in jail but as a seasoned adventurer, that isn’t phased by his undead jailor or the fact that his leg is bleeding, you quickly make a lock pick from a bone and after short work of the jailor, then you make your way to the top of the abbey learning of various skills magical and mundane along the way. What really got me excited about this game is that it doesnt really hold your hand even in tutorial. If you make a few stupid moves you will die, even as a veteran adventurer. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone plays through the tutorial as it actually teaches you a lot about the game’s mechanics.

The actual game

After you complete the tutorial you learn what actually are the stoneshards and why your character thinks they’re significant, then you’re abandoned by the party you just saved and start hobling along to the near village. There you find an adventurer in your debt from long ago(Your character) and the actual game begins. At the begging id advise you to look over the starting feats of your character and to pick a character with a ranged attack, since you’re quite vulnerable at the start even as a knight. Then i’d advise you to hunt a few deer and make yourself a decent amount of money, before venturing into deeper forest or even dungeons. Also remember to save by sleeping as there is no other save mechanic in this game. You can sleep at the tavern or in the wilderness camps that you’ve cleared of potential bandits. Also remember to keep a few pieces of food with you and your waterskin topped off since hunger and thirst are your biggest enemies at start.

All in all I’m enjoying stoneshard and excited for the next update that’s supposed to bring the first major city into the game with the option to actually travel the map. I hope I’ve inspired you to try it too.

SpongeBob’s Boating Bash Review

SpongeBob – surely everyone’s heard of him. The animated series has enjoyed huge success in the long years of their existence, and like with most other popular TV shows, that success lead to the creation of an entire merchandise, including over a dozen video games of all genres (and qualities). SpongeBob’s Boating Bash is yet another game in the SpongeBob line, this time featuring a racing theme.


In SpongeBob’s Boating Bash, you get to play as nine different characters from the series, including Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, and of course SpongeBob himself. There’s even a simple backstory to the game, involving SpongeBob attempting to get his driver’s license, but ultimately failing as he picked the wrong school. All of the characters have been represented true to their originals, and each comes with its own uniquely-designed car.

The game is very hectic and fast-paced, with traditional elements from arcade racing games. The AI has been developed especially well, always offering you a challenge even on the easier modes of play (which we’re not sure is that good of a thing, actually). If you’re playing on the Wii, you can use the Steering Wheel controller with SpongeBob’s Boating Bash, as it’s fully supported and compatible.

Graphics and System Requirements

We wouldn’t call SpongeBob’s Boating Bash exactly spectacular in its graphics – it’s a common problem for games designed after cartoon shows to look odd and slightly distorted, as animated characters never truly fit in a 3D environment, no matter how much the developers may try. This is valid for this title as well, though it’s also evident that the devs have been sweating hard over bringing the characters as close as possible to the originals.

The Nintendo DS version has been reported for having some odd issues such as long loading times, but nothing game-breaking or too serious, so it shouldn’t deter you from trying it out in any case. The artistic style of the levels is varied enough and each can be instantly recognized if you’ve played the game for a few times.


There’s a multiplayer component to SpongeBob’s Boating Bash, but at the beginning you won’t have access to absolutely everything – you’ll have to complete the singleplayer campaign fully before every option is made available to you for online play. It shouldn’t take you that long though, and if you’re having problems with the AI you can always “cheat” and turn down the difficulty (which, as we mentioned above, does surprisingly little in this game, but the difference is still noticeable).


Fans of SpongeBob will either love this, or choose to ignore it given the abundance of SpongeBob-branded games in recent times. Even if you’re not a follower of the franchise though, the game should still give you a few entertaining hours as a racer title.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Review

The Ace Attorney series by Capcom has managed to gather quite a respectable fanbase, and the newest one – counting at number five – “Miles Edgeworth” – has so far lived up to the success of its predecessors. It doesn’t directly follow the story from where the previous game left off as you might expect though – actually, it reveals what happened between the third game, “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations” and the fourth, “Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney”.


The player controls the character of Miles Edgeworth, and the game is played similarly to the others in the series – it’s a rather simplistic adventure with a point-and-click interface, where you have to go around the various scenes, collect items, and figure out how to use them in combination with other items. When investigating crimes, you have to figure out the three basic aspects between them – suspect, method of execution and the motive behind it. The dialog is very well-written and varies depending on your choices – and the characters are developed quite well, too.

The cross-examination from the previous games is gone – there are now “rebuttal” phases, which will be combined with the regular investigation phases for every crime you’re solving, forcing you to think differently in both situations. Don’t worry though, rebuttals aren’t that different from how cross-examinations worked, and in them you’ll simply have to talk to various characters in a direct manner, presenting them with the results of your work on the investigation so far. If you’re good enough and have collected sufficient evidence for the crime, you may be able to get out a confession early on – though it takes some practice and experience to get that right.

Graphics and System Requirements

For an adventure, AAI:ME’s graphics are more or less fine – they’re nothing outstanding, but fans of Japanese art will surely enjoy the various scenes, especially some of the dialog parts. In some cases, to give an extra dramatic edge to a scene, the game may use still images instead of the standard animation, and we’d say it works out quite nicely to set the overall atmosphere for those special scenes.

For an NDS game, it pulls off great framerates, and despite the relatively small screens, you should be able to see plenty of detail in all of the scenes you’ll be exploring.


The game suffers from some control difficulties, and you may have to get used to the odd control scheme if you’re a newcomer to the series. Using the touchscreen to move the character around is definitely an art of its own, but once you’ve gotten used to it, you shouldn’t feel so negative about the choice of controls.


The new installment in the Ace Attorney series is an absolute gem in every aspect – a varied game with enough dialog to keep you thinking, and a learning curve that gradually rises, enough to let you learn smoothly.